Ipoll Review

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Prize Draws

ipoll is a paid survey panel that began under the name SurveyHead and operates internationally making it available to users worldwide

Ipoll in summary

  • Payment per survey: Tiered system with varied payments (rates generally above average for time spent when compared to other survey panels)
  • Rewards Options:Gift vouchers, Paypal payments, Visa prepaid card payments
  • Benefits and Extras: Sign up rewards, mobile app, above average payments, no location restrictions
  • Restrictions: Users must be above 17 years of age

How to Get Started

In similar fashion to most paid survey sites, ipoll is easy to join and requires users to sign up with a valid email address as well as providing their full name and date of birth (minimum 17 years of age is required). Once a user has confirmed their account with a valid email, invitations for participation will be sent via email, with an average of 3-5 survey invitations per month.


Each survey completed will log earning on the users account, with a minimum payment threshold of $25. ipoll offers payments in a variety of formats including gift cards, Paypal cash payments; Visa prepaid cards, airline miles and magazine subscriptions. Gift vouchers offered on the site come from a variety of retailers including:
  • Itunes
  • Travelocity
  • Amazon
One feature to be weary of when using ipoll is Paypal payments. Payments through Paypal are charged an additional 3% fee when cashing out. Although this is not a huge amount, maximising your earning through surveys is important and even a minor hindrance can impose on it being worthwhile. Thankfully prepaid Visa cards do not incur fees and would be the more recommended option in this circumstance.

Charity Donations

ipoll, in similar fashion to a number of paid survey sites, now also offers the opportunity to donate a portion of earnings to charity, working in conjunction with the Make A Wish foundation.

Benefits and Opportunities

One of ipoll’s most well regarded features is the mobile app for ios and Android phones. This allows users to browse a simple and easy to navigate dashboard, featuring surveys to take as well as other tasks and features to help earn rewards. ipoll also offers a $5 signup bonus for new users, as well as smaller rewards for users who complete all relevant profile information and keep their accounts up to date.

Tips and Techniques

Although ipoll offers some of the best returns for time spent on surveys, it is always important to be as efficient as possible to ensure time spent on the site is worthwhile in the rewards it returns. Some important tips to remember when using ipoll are:
  • Fill out all profile questions comprehensively first. ipoll offers small payments for this information and keeping it up to date helps in qualifying for more comprehensive and higher paid surveys
  • Complete surveys honestly and clearly to avoid disqualification a from a survey for unsubstantial information
  • Take advantage of extra opportunities and use the mobile app in addition to survey invitations received via email
  • Avoid any extra fees or costs and calculate the rewards that are most substantial for the time spent completing surveys

Legitimacy and Security

ipoll is regarded as a legitimate survey site and user testimony exists online to confirm this. Security and safety on the site are substantial and the site will never share any personal information with third parties. Despite this some user reviews draw attention to some minor failings that exist on ipoll such as the long waiting periods for payment approval (around 2-6 weeks) and a higher than average minimum payment threshold ($25 compared to $10 on a variety of other survey sites). Despite these minor hindrances, ipoll stands tall in it’s potential as a good online earner, with appropriate management of time and utilising the mobile app system, the potential to earn through ipoll is clear and accessible with the right approach.