Crazy Methods for Online Money Makers at Home

Methods to make money online have become a relatively staple part of the online market and have been for many years now. However, rather than Ebay sellers and website developers, some earners decide for a slightly more obscure approach to collect their online revenue.

With the emergence of virtual reality programs, online gaming and web based gambling the chances to become an online earner seem to be only getting bigger as the internet becomes a genuine market with almost limitless commodity.

How to earn money on the internet

Online Worlds

The explosion of the Internet very shortly saw the emergence of online games and virtual world platforms like World of Warcraft and Second Life. Games and virtual reality platforms such as these managed to also maintain fully functional economies, with in game commodities holding real world value. Games… Or virtual worlds as a second life player will assure you, generally operate in a similar fashion to real life when it comes to making money. Basically you trade goods or services for cash, with the specifics manifesting differently depending on which game… sorry, virtual world that you subscribe to.

Second Life seems to be the leader in creating online money making systems, and trading goods and services in the world is even encouraged by the developers of the platform. In Second Life you can find bar owners, real estate agents, property developers and even sex workers soliciting a service for what they refer to as Linden dollars (the platforms invented currency). The Linden dollar currency exchange also works as a revenue stream for the platform developers, with virtual world participants being able to buy Linden dollars in game for a determined United States dollar amount. Revenue raising in real world dollars is so heavily ingrained in Second Life that the price of Linden dollars even fluctuates with the movement of real world currency exchanges and the more serious Second Life participants have even been known to make their entire real world income through offering services in game.

Earn money online with online gambling

Taking a Gamble

Online gambling is probably no new thing to hear about. Gambling has been a part of human history for about as long as anyone can know, with games like Keno originating from an ancient Chinese lottery game, while poker is recorded to have been played in Louisiana as early as 1829. The poker industry saw a significant spike in popularity however in the beginning of the 21st century mainly as a result of online poker, a wave that continues to swell with the emergence of more and more online tournaments as prize pools reach into the millions. Although online poker has seen a huge popularity increase and countless rags to riches stories of successful players, the impact of online gambling for some is nothing but detrimental.

Gambling in Australia represents potentially one of the largest socio-economic problems in a country that prides itself on a high standard of living. Around 80% of Australians partake in some form of gambling, while players lose some $21.5 billion a year to the pastime, the highest figures in the world. Despite these harmful statistics, online gambling in Australia generally gets the green light. Legislation passed in 2001 prohibits anyone physically present in Australia from partaking in interactive gambling services online. These laws however, do not cover poker or online casino games and in stark contrast to countries like the USA, online sports betting is also completely legal in Australia.

Companies like Centrebet (one of the largest betting agencies in the world) are even permitted to sponsor sporting grounds such as Penrith Stadium and even sports teams, with Centrebet announcing a 3 year sponsorship deal with the St Kilda football club in 2011. Needless to say, for now Aussies seem unafraid to wager their earnings at a hope of hitting the big one through online gambling services, which surely serves as a prophecy for the increase in the nations already rampant gambling affliction.

Earn money with a webcam online

Sell Yourself

When it comes to a service or commodity to sell online, rather than searching the house, garage or storage unit in the hope that you have some obscure rare antiques or perhaps some unopened Star Wars collectables first ask yourself, how much am I really willing to part with? If the answer to this question ranged anywhere from your dignity to your virginity then the online sex market might be the answer. Obviously the online sex industry has become an enormous money market since it’s humble origins as a revelation in formative years of the Internet. Nowadays as best as one can tell according to Forbes, of the 1million most frequented websites in the world, around 4 percent are for pornography. Now 4 percent doesn’t actually sound that high, however when looking at statistics of individual sites, such as live webcam streaming site with over 30 million visitors a month, or 2.5% or all internet users, then the revenue value in these services certainly reveals itself. Live webcam streaming has become such a popular method of pornography that many ‘performers’ even advertise through Craigslist and Skype, while viewers pay subscription fees or tip performers during shows for a more ‘intimate’ performance.

Alongside online erotica, slightly more extreme approaches such as that of 22-year old Natalie Dylan (not her real name) also revealed themselves. Dylan decided that instead of sharing her virginity with a loving partner like a normal person, she would auction herself online to the highest (or perhaps most deranged) bidder. After the story broke the concept was retorted as being a huge set back for the rights of woman, perpetuating the idea that the female body was merely a commodity. It didn’t stop the bids however, and the winner (from Australia) was happy to front US$3.7million for the experience. Sadly the deal was never fulfilled, when the money-fronting fella was foiled when his wife became aware of the overpublicized event and promptly put and end to the whole storm of stupidity. The story certainly set a precedent however, and even today there are still those out there who believe in the value of their virginity and are working hard from home to sell it.

Write an ebook and earn money online

Write a Book

Although this might seem like a bit of a long shot, writing books doesn’t have to seem like the long and arduous task it is often made out to be. Sure people are buying less books, sure publishing houses and printing less and less and it is becoming harder and harder to be a successful writer, but all of these presumptions ignore the constant evolution of this lucrative and inspiring industry.

Amazon for example, offers writers the opportunity of publishing their writing to be downloaded for Kindle, which allows the reader to decide whether they want to read your work, rather than tirelessly trying to find a publisher. Within this format the possibilities are endless. Ever read a children’s book or a crime novel and thought ‘I could have written something this good’? Now it’s even easier to put those theories to the test and put your work out in the public sphere.

The immeasurable (and at times intolerable) success or novels such as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ began with author E. L. James writing online fan fiction based on Stephanie Meyers’ successful vampire romance novel ‘Twilight’. Before long Fifty Shades of Grey was published and had sold over 100million copies worldwide. Now in terms of financial stability working from home it’s hard to overlook such a profound success story.

Sell strange things online and make some extra money

Sell Something Strange

Still not sold on the ‘selling yourself’ concept? Don’t worry, it’s probably a good thing. However, selling is still a sure way to make a little (or a lot) of extra money from home. Consider whether you have anything valueless, old and forgotten at home, such as a torn page from the Koran that sold last year in Sydney in an online auction for $74,000. What is most remarkable about the sale is the auctioneer acknowledged that they had very little information about the page, not knowing when or where it came from and even admitting that the page was in a rather poor condition in a cheap frame.

In 2004 Florida resident Diane Duyser sold a piece of toast that appeared as if to have an image of the Virgin Mary burned into the bread. The toast went to auction for charity and fetched a staggering $28,000 for the 10 year old toasty, which included a caution that the sandwich should not be for consumption. Finding random and obscure artifacts amongst your personal belongings is probably not likely to pay dividends most of the time, however the potential to make tens of thousands from an old piece of junk from the garage certainly implies some possibility of profit from digging through all those old forgotten belongings… Or, maybe to just carefully examine your toasted sandwiches before consuming them from now on.

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