Making Cash as a Kid

It might sound peculiar in its premise, but kids making cash is becoming more and more common in the modern capitalist driven age. Therefore it is important to foster a child’s interest in taking part in the get rich game, and educating children early is the best way to harbor the Wall Street studs and online capitalist culture tycoons of tomorrow. In all seriousness however, it is very unlikely that any child will not be in contact with some form of remunerated work at some point in their lives, it is a foundation of the modern world. Therefore, teaching kids ways to make money early is valuable and can lead to less stress and a greater wellbeing in later life.

How to earn money as a child

Possibilities in Market Research

Although the official working age in Australia stands at 14 years and the full time working age is 16 or requires at least the completion of year 10 in high school, many online research and marketing companies accept applications from children below these age brackets. Because the work is only so limited and there is no contract or employment terms, young kids have the opportunity to turn to these sites for a little extra pocket money or free gift cards, movie tickets or other useful commodities for kids. Survey sites such as Surveymonkey has sections available for kids of certain age groups and offer recompense in the form of small amounts of cash per survey, varying depending on the content and demographic you apply to.

Being Creative

Doing surveys is not the only way for kids to get online and start making money. For something a little more creative and to encourage your child to spend some creative time off the computer, consider the potential of selling sites such as If you aren’t familiar with Etsy the premise is fairly simple, you make your own goods and sell them through a managed online store. You simply sign up for the site and begin customizing your online shop, posting items you have made and the cost, delivery and purchasing systems, all set by you! The great thing about this as a method for making some pocket money online is that rather than simply doing mindless surveys, children are motivated to create something! Think of a commodity people want or something your children are good at and transfer those skills into a profitable and fun little business. The lessons learned from such an endeavor also serve to prove the value of earning at a young age, as children gain an understanding of responsibility and hard work, as well as being inventive and thinking pragmatically.

How to earn money with video games

How about Video Games?

Now the next suggestion might come across as a little controversial, and for good reason. However, the world of video gaming has gone from underground sub culture to multi-billion dollar industry over the past decades, and the game developers haven’t been the only ones who have harnessed the money making potential. Many video game aficionados took to gaming as a method for making a living as the online and competitive gaming markets emerged as an immensely popular industry. So the question presents itself to parents and kids as to whether sitting at home playing video games is still the time wasting endeavor that it originally seemed. Many children who are enthusiastic and talented at gaming have been able to turn this into a profitable career path, and ideas (as long as it doesn’t detract from school and social life) can be a very effective technique to make small amounts of money.

Cash prizes exist for high achievement in many different sports, and gaming is no different in the modern world. To put such an idea into perspective, the most popular competitive gaming tournaments such as the World of Warcraft Arena competitions claim grand prizes of up to and even more than $120,000! Now this is obviously the end game (pardon the pun) when it comes to competitive gaming, and simply playing a little in ones spare time probably wont bring a player to a level with such large prize pools. However, competitive gaming exists on many levels and cash prizes, gift vouchers and rewards exist at all levels of competition. So if a child happens to have a penchant for gaming as their hobby, why not consider the potential of this as a serious skill, as video gaming steps more confidently into the legitimized sporting industry.

Earn money as a computer expert

Becoming a Computer Expert

If a focus on video games still seems a little bit of a stretch then consider kids using technology for a more traditional money making technique. As the Internet and online media such as Facebook and Youtube become more popular amongst all generations, kids are emerging as experts in fields that more senior generations still have difficulty understanding. New technology is becoming increasingly popular amongst older generations, with the only difficulty being the great distances in technological advancement that sometimes impair older people when they attempt to familarise themselves with these new devices. This presents itself as an interesting new way for young and tech-savvy kids to make a little extra pocket money using their skills as a paid service.

It’s very difficult to find a computer expert who is willing to come and assist a user with simple tasks such as emailing or setting up a Facebook profile, but for some older or less familiar computer users they could still use some direction even with the more simple computer tasks. A great idea for kids therefore is to assist with friends, trusted neighbors and family who don’t have the same technology savvy foundations of the younger generations and do so for a small remuneration fee. It takes the classic kids chores of mowing a neighbor’s lawn or walking the dogs with a new twist for the tech generations. The key is to begin small, perhaps just limit it to family, before advertising to other friends and neighbors to try and increase client base. A few hours a week spent helping others in this realm should see kids making enough pocket money for toys and fun, as well as developing an understanding of how to teach others and demonstrate patience and practicality, which are invaluable life skills.

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Sell Things Online

Remembering the basics and adapting those to modern times is a great way to start brainstorming ideas for kids to make a little money, and one of the most tried and tested techniques is selling things that no longer see use. Once upon a time this task for kids usually consisted of a garage sale or hosting a stall at a local market, which are still techniques that work very effectively. With the Internet resale market occupying such a huge portion of online trading nowadays, this means that websites such as Ebay and Gumtree can be employed for this at any given time. Teaching children to resell old and unused items in the online market doesn’t only help a child with extra pocket money, but is also a valuable technique for teaching children concepts of value, basic economics and life skills such as customer communication and packing and postage.

Using online systems for selling also helps to introduce children to financial and monetary management in a very simple format. The user interfaces of sites such as Ebay show kids the median cost of items and allows them to calculate individual cost and then keep a running tally of total revenue earned from sales. All of these elements lend heavily to developing children’s understanding of economy and money handling, valuable skills for their development, which serve to reinforce lifelong financial responsibility. Reselling also helps teach children the value of commodities and products, and that items we no longer use or need are still useful and valuable to others and should not simply be discarded or wasted.

The ideas represented in this article in no way cover every opportunity for kids when it comes to making a little pocket money in the modern world, as there are constantly emerging ways for children to take an active approach to financial progress. What all of these techniques demonstrate is that the importance in money making for children is to combine it with some form of positive education. Children are developing and the formative years of life play an integral roll in helping shape the course of a person’s entire life. Therefore, when it comes to introduction to money making and handling (one of the unavoidable responsibilities that remain throughout entire lives) ensuring the techniques imparted to children in the beginning serve to create a positive foundation that develops responsibilities vital for success in the long term.

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