8 Steps to Making Moving Easy

Moving house is a big job that few people look forward to, but if you are organised and follow the right system it can be a simple and easy affair. The following guide offers useful and practical advice that will make even the most complicated move a piece of cake.

moving house

1. Plan for Help

Whether you plan on hiring professional removalists or asking friends to lend a hand, make your plans early. If hiring removalists, start researching companies at least 6 weeks ahead of time and be sure to read any reviews of their services you can find. Look for operators who are part of the Australian Furniture Removals Association, as they offer insurance and provide quality reliable service. Get at least 3 quotes to be sure you find a good deal and lock in your booking early for the best chance of securing the day and time you want. If you are going to try and recruit a few mates to help, ask them well in advance before their schedules fill up.

2. De-clutter

The less you have to move, the easier your moving mission will be, so make sure you are only moving items that you actually use. In the months leading up to your move start going through your belongings and putting aside any items that you no longer want or need. If your unwanted items are in good shape, donate them, sell them online or hold a pre-moving garage sale, as this can be a great way to help cover the cost of your move. As for those items that are no longer useful, recycle whatever you can.

3. Pack Early and Carefully

The sooner you start packing the better. While you should avoid packing anything that you will need again before you move, start packing everything else as soon as possible. Take a methodical approach to your packing and label each box according to what is in it, whether it is fragile, as well as which room its contents are from. Each time you pack up a room, a cupboard or a drawer, clean it, close it and leave it shut.

4. Move in Stages

While it is not always possible to access your new place before moving day, if you can, moving a few items in early is a fantastic idea. It can make a big difference to move anything heavy or awkward prior to moving day as this will often mean you can take a little more time and an extra careful approach. Even just moving a few light boxes in early will mean you have less to do on moving day, so if you have the opportunity to pre-move anything, do so.

5. Make a ‘First Night’ Box

As you are packing and preparing for your big move, make a list of items that you will need as soon as you get into your new place and pack these crucial things together in a ‘first night’ box. Things like the T.V remote, kitchen utensils, toiletries and bedding will need to be easily accessible straight away, so make sure you have a ‘first night’ box with everything you will want or need in it.

6. Confirm Plans

A day or two before you are due to move go through and confirm any crucial elements relating to the big day, such as your removalists, friends who have said they would help or even the internet set up for your new place. If you haven’t done so already make a detailed plan for your moving day and spend some time visualising your plan in action; this will make it easier to tell if you have overlooked anything.

7. Have a System

Having a system will make your move a whole lot easier, so start by making a list of everything that will need to be moved. On moving day check each item off as it leaves your old place as well as once it arrives at your new home; this will make it obvious if something has gone missing or been left behind. Having a ‘to do’ list will also make a big difference, as apart from making it easy to delegate tasks to those who want to help, it will also minimise the chance of even the smallest detail being forgotten.

8. Make the first 48 hours count

The first few days in a new place will always be hectic, but it is crucial that you take care of a few important tasks quickly. Set up your kitchen and bedroom areas first as you will want and need to use them straight away. Check to see if anything has been lost or damaged in the move, because you will often only have a short period of time in which to make a claim on your insurance. Whether you burn your favourite incense or put up some art, do something to make the place feel like yours as this will help you settle in. Introducing yourself to the neighbours is also a good idea, and if you do so with a batch of cookies or a bottle of wine you will certainly make a wonderful first impression.