8 Last Minute Gifts That Are Sure To Impress

Finding gifts at the last minute can be an extremely stressful experience, but often the best ideas are simple and easy. The following last minute gifts are all guaranteed to impress.

home made last minute gifts

1. Home Made Baking

Whether you love cooking or can simply follow a recipe, baking your last minute gifts is a fantastic way to give something truly unique. Bake a batch of cupcakes, whip up some cookies or have a go at your grandma’s famous shortbread recipe, then have some fun decorating your baked goodies and making them look extra special. Once your delicious creations are baked and looking fabulous pack them up in a festive looking tin or jar and they are sure to impress. A big advantage of giving baked treats is that it is the one time you can get away with giving the same gift to everyone.

2. A Favourite Beverage

Everyone has a favourite beverage, either alcoholic or not, and if you can find out what that special drink is it will always make for a wonderful holiday gift. Giving a bottle of that favourite wine, a packet of that special tea or even a jar of that hot chocolate that they love so much is sure to impress every time. If the person you are buying for has a rather expensive favourite beverage consider going in with others and buying it together.

3. Flowers

Flowers are a great gift for any and all occasions, so if you are stuck for a last minute gift idea head to your local florist. Regardless of whether you are buying for a man or a woman, giving a huge bouquet of fresh, colourful flowers is always a wonderful gesture. However, be careful when choosing your flowers, because each flower has its own meaning and you will want to avoid your gift sending the wrong message.

4. A Gourmet Hamper

Gourmet hampers are a delicious last minute gift option and come in a huge variety ranging from wine and cheese to fruit and chocolate arrangements. The right choice will depend on who you are giving it to, but regardless of which you choose your gift is sure to come in handy at one of those many holiday season gatherings. You will find a massive selection of hampers online and can often have them delivered to almost anywhere. Best of all, your gift will always arrive beautifully wrapped and looking gorgeous.

5. Tickets to an Event

If you have a good idea of the type of things your gift recipient is interested in, giving tickets to an event can be a great last minute option. Be sure to get tickets for a date well in advance so that there is less chance of a scheduling conflict and always give 2 tickets so that they can take someone with them.

6. A Thoughtful Gift Certificate

If you know that the person you are buying for has a favourite restaurant, clothing store or café, giving them a gift certificate for their beloved venue is a classy last minute option. If you are unsure which places are their favourites ask their friends for tips, otherwise choose a place that is at least related to their interests, such as the local cycling shop, book store or health food emporium. By giving a thoughtful gift certificate you will be showing that you care enough about them to have noticed some of their interests, while still allowing them to choose their own gift.

7. Quality Stationary

Everybody loves stationary, so if you are stuck for a last minute gift idea consider giving a fancy pen, hand-made paper or a letter writing set. The rise of digital technology has made the art of writing something for special occasions and having quality stationary will make that rare act of writing all the more special. If you don’t live near a boutique stationary store you can find an almost endless array of quality stationary online.

8. A Beach Towel

You can never have too many beach towels, especially if you live in Australia, which makes this gift always a great idea. It can help to know something about the recipient’s style so that you can pick out a design or colour that they will like, as these days you can find beach towels featuring everything from football teams to flowers. When giving a beach towel as a gift the most important element is quality, because your gift will be looking rather unimpressive if it falls apart 3 months from now.

While giving gifts is always extremely gratifying it is important to keep in mind that you don’t need to give a gift to everyone you know. Giving a holiday card is often more than enough, especially if you take the time to write a thoughtful message.

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