Free Australian Ebooks to Help You Save Money

The internet is a great place to find information on saving and making the most of your money. But with so much out there, it can be hard to know where to look to find the best information.

Saving money books

So we’ve done all the hard work and compiled a list of free Australian ebooks that bring together the best tips and advice on saving and making money and living well with less.

How to Save Money by Chris Lampard and Carole Livesey

If you are truly serious about saving money then this is for you. This 57 page ebook is actually a workbook, rather than a list of tips. The authors say from the outset that you will have to spend a bit of time working through the exercises and tracking your spending to get the best results. But on the positive side, it promises to help you save 20% of your monthly take home pay if you follow the plan as set out. Now those are some serious savings!

The exercises combine daily tracking with monthly reviews to give you a complete overview of your income and spending. The ebook combines a lot of practical examples on how to track and save money, along with research to help you understand why you spend money the way you do. The authors have done a lot of research into the psychology of spending and have distilled this information into an easily digestible format. There’s a bit of theory and the exercises use some simple mathematical equations to help you determine which areas of your spending to cut back on.

Great for: People who want to a detailed guide to cutting back on their spending.

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Top Ten Steps to Financial Security by Paul Clitheroe

Paul Clitheroe is a well-known Australian financial advisor who has been helping Australians get out of debt and grow their wealth for decades. He’s written a number of books and also writes a monthly column for Money magazine. So basically, he knows his stuff.

His ebook Top Ten Steps to Financial Security distils some commonsense tips to building wealth. Of course, the funny thing about commonsense is that sometimes its not so common, and it definitely helps to be reminded of these financial tips every now and then.

This ebook is quick and easy to read. Treat it like a money checklist – run through the steps and ask yourself if there is any part of your finances that you should pay more attention to. Then focus in on that area to improve your financial security.

Great for: People who want a quick reminder of the most important steps to achieving wealth.

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Top Ten Keys to Successful Investing by Paul Clitheroe

This is another short ebook by financial advisor Paul Clitheroe. In this book, Clitheroe looks at the most important factors to consider when investing your money.

When people first start to think about investing their money, they can easily become overwhelmed by all the options. This ebook is a great introduction to the basics of investing for newbies, as well as a good reminder for more experienced investors.

Again, this is a quick and easy ebook to read. You won’t find any hot share tips or ways to make money while you sleep. Just practical advice on the importance of investing for your future and the type of investments to look for.

Great for: People looking for a quick introduction to investing and building wealth.

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The Commonsense Path to Financial Freedom by Scott Pape

Scott Pape is a no-nonsense financial advisor who cuts to the chase when it comes to spending and investing money. This ebook also includes a five step Wealth Building Course and is designed to explain money management and wealth building in plain English.

If you want to know how to invest in complicated tiered CFDs and forex – then this isn’t the ebook for you. Pape’s approach is to cut out excess and focus on the important things in life in order to build wealth and be happy. In it he explains his simple, three step approach to saving and spending, how to invest in shares with less risk, and how to get free cars for life (yes, really!).

This is financial advice at its simplest and most effective.

Great for: People who want a no-nonsense approach to financial planning.

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How to Dump Your Debt by David Wright

If you are struggling with your weekly expenses because of your credit card repayments then you need a practical plan to get out of debt and start living well. David Wright is the founder of Simply Budgets and has put together this comprehensive ebook on getting out of debt – fast!

This 60 page ebook focuses on two areas of debt. First, it asks you to examine your budget and look at ways to cut your spending in order to pay off your debt faster. Second, and more importantly, Wright has included information and research on the emotional aspects of overspending.

This ebook contains a number of tips to help you pay down your debt faster. It also includes exercises to help you understand why you are in debt so that you can tackle your behaviour and avoid getting into debt again in the future. There are also tips on how to negotiate with creditors to reduce your interest payments and payment terms so you pay less interest.

Great for: People who need practical help and exercises to help them get out of debt.

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