How to Save on Online Shopping in Australia

You’ve probably figured out by now how convenient online shopping is. You browse. You click. You pay. And you can do it after the kids have gone to bed. Online shopping saves time. And it can also save you money – if you know what to do.

Saving online

1. Buy from Cheaper Countries

The strong Aussie dollar may be bad for business but for local customers, it means good shopping elsewhere. Quality merchandise from countries like the US and the UK can now be bought for less even after you include shipping. From bicycle parts to high-street fashion, you can save by spending your dollar on overseas sites like Amazon, eBay and Best Buy.

2. Use Deal Sites

Nowadays everyone is online whether it’s Myer or your local framer down the road. But one of the best ways to save money is to shop on sites that offer deals from a variety of stores. There are many to choose from so take your pick: Catch of the Day, Scoopon, Cudo, Deals Direct, Sometimes you can save up to 90%. Sign up for newsletters so you can seize limited-time offers.

3. Use a Mail Forwarding Company

Some online stores in other countries may not do international shipping. Engage a mail forwarding company like Shipito in the US to handle your online purchases. Having a re-shipper means you can buy from any online store in that country. Local shipping is often free so you will only need to pay the overseas shipping which can be quite reasonable, especially if you have a number of items in your cart.

4. Compare Prices

You do it offline. It’s a good idea to do it online to. Just because a shop is offering 20% off the retail price doesn’t mean it’s a great deal. Check out what other companies are offering. One way to do this is to use the Google Shopping tab on your browser when you do a Google search. Type your product and it will show you how much it costs in a variety of storefronts.

5. Buy Non-Perishable Grocery Items in Bulk

Sites like Grocery Run may not be the best place to buy your milk and bread but you can save by buying other items there. Diapers, canned food, toilet paper, laundry detergent. Of course, it also saves you the trips to the supermarket and lugging the stuff around.

6. Use Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are like online coupons. You use them on the Check Out page before you pay.
They will ask you to enter a couple of digits to get a discount. There are sites out there specifically designed to offer coupon codes and that’s where you get them. The popular ones are Retail Me Not and Aussie Coupon Codes. Alternatively you can google the coupon code for your product and see if they have one.

7. Shop Smart on eBay

It’s no secret that you can get some real bargains on eBay. But if you get into a bidding war you could end up spending more than you want. The trick is not to bid until the auction is about to end.

Also, only bid what you’re willing to pay. I know it’s hard with that winner’s high streaking through your veins, but stay strong. Bid in fractions rather than whole dollars. Those extra 42 cents could win you your prize.

8. Leave Your Items in Your Shopping Cart

Can’t decide whether to buy? Put them in your cart anyway and wait a couple of days. Sometimes the store will offer you a further discount to give you a push. On the other hand, you could just buy it. You can always return it and some stores will give you a coupon code for your next purchase at the store so you end up with a bigger discount.