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The role of parent has gone through many changes over the past hundred years and nowadays stay at home parenting has become an increasingly popular option. Here is a brief look at this extremely important role.

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The History of Stay at Home Parenting

  • Pre 1900s – Prior to the 20th Century parenting followed a very traditional model, which involved the man going off to work and the woman filling the role of home maker and stay at home parent. Women essentially did not have a choice in the matter and were widely regarded as being responsible for raising the children.
  • The War Years – The onset of World War 1 saw an increase in the amount of women who entered the workforce and during World War 2 this number rose dramatically due to the massive shortage of male labour. As a result, for the first time many women were unable to be at home with their children full time, therefore grandparents, neighbours and family friends would play a vital role in assisting with child care.
  • 1950s/60s – Following the Second World War the majority of women were forced back into their previous roles as stay at home parents; however, many women had enjoyed their taste of paid work and were keen to return to the workforce. During the 1950s and 60s there was a strong push for gender equality in many parts of the world and slowly but surely women were accepted into the workforce, albeit in poorly paid part time positions. With a huge amount of women now choosing to work, paid child care services emerged and soon became a popular option.
  • 1990s/00s – As the cost of living increased towards the end of the 20th century many average families needed both parents working full time in order to make ends meet. Those who could afford it paid for child care services, while others embraced help from family or friends. During this time stay at home parenting was widely seen as a luxury that most simply could not afford.
  • Today – The rise of the internet has had a huge impact on the working world, with one of the changes being that it is now easy for many to do their work remotely. The ability to work online has made stay at home parenting a possibility for far more people, as they are no longer forced to choose between parenting and an income. While some can simply continue working their regular jobs from home, thousands of new jobs have also become available online, including roles such as survey panellists and copywriters.

Forming Stronger Bonds

One of the biggest benefits of stay at home parenting is being able to spend more time with your kids, enabling you to form deeper and stronger bonds with them. The early years of a child’s life have a huge impact upon the way they will view the world as adults, and being there with your child as they grow and develop will solidify your connection with them. Forming a good relationship with your kids while they are young will also make parenting a whole lot easier as they move through those difficult teenage years.

The Importance of Balance

While stay at home parenting comes with the benefit of an extremely flexible schedule, many who choose this important role struggle to find time for themselves. With no clear distinction between work and relaxation time, stay at home parenting can quickly become overwhelming. For the sake of your health as well as the quality of your parenting it is vital for stay at home parents to schedule in some time for themselves. Whether you pay for childcare one day a week, share responsibilities with other parents or seek out help from family and friends, take some time for yourself, as a balanced approach will benefit both you and your children.

A Respected Role

It has taken a long time, but stay at home parenting has finally started to be respected for the difficult, challenging and important role that it is. With an increasing number of dads choosing to become stay at home parents there has been a steady decrease in the stigma attached to what was once regarded as simply women’s work. Modern studies have repeatedly shown the importance of parenting in helping kids to grow into healthy and happy adults, making it easier to justify taking a stay at home approach. While many believe that this vital role should receive far more financial support from the government, there are clear indications that this will eventually become the case.

Tools and Resources

With stay at home parenting increasing in popularity there has been a steady rise in the amount of tools and resources available for stay at home parents in Australia. The following are some of the best.

Tools and Resources for Stay at home parentsFinancing family calculator

Choosing to be a stay at home parent can require some serious financial juggling, but this fantastic tool simplifies the process. Designed with all of those parenting related expenses in mind, this budgeting resource makes it easy to sort out your finances so you can spend more time focusing on your kids.

How to be a stay at home mumStay at home Mum

One of Australia’s most useful and popular tools for stay at home parents, this great site features tips and advice on everything a parent could ever need. Including recipes, child care advice, home improvement tips and even links to online jobs, this is a truly impressive resource for any stay at home mum or dad.

Stay at home parentsStay at home mum and dad

Being a stay at home parent can be quite a challenge; however, this magnificent site has all the answers. Whether you have concerns regarding finances, your relationship with your kids or are struggling to balance parenting and your personal life, this site has you covered.

Advice for familiesAdvice for families

This comprehensive site has a huge array of information relevant to every Australian family, especially those with a stay at home parent. You will find details on financial assistance, medical and relationship advice concerning your kids, as well as tips on everything from moving schools to child body image issues. Every stay at home parent should spend some time checking out this fantastic site.

Stay at home dadsStay at home dads

With many more dads choosing to become stay at home parents, sites like this one have become incredibly important. This practical resource is targeted towards Aussie dads and includes a list of places where men can find tips and advice to help them deal with all aspects of parenting.

Stay at home parenting can be an exhausting and challenging job, but it is also one of the most important and rewarding roles you could ever have. The better you are at networking, staying organised and finding available resources, the easier a time you will have. Having a supportive partner can also make an enormous difference.