How Can Mums Make Money From Home in Australia?

The trend is for mothers to return to work part-time after kids but even if you don’t you can still earn money from home. Australian mothers are a resourceful bunch and there are a variety of opportunities out there for those who are up for it. The existence of the Internet, of course, also adds another layer of possibilities.

Family wallet

Teach a Skill

There was a time before we were mothers and in that time there must have been something you were good at (besides work). Cooking, flower arrangement, yoga? If you don’t feel like going back to full-time employment just yet, why not pursue the interests you had before. Teaching someone a skill allows you to work from home, or you can offer your services at a local community centre.

If you have a background in education, you can even consider tutoring online.

Sell a Skill

We are in the internet era and there has never been a better time to be a freelancer. If you have a skill to sell like graphic design, web design, writing or transcribing, there are various freelancer sites out there which match contractors with clients. There is a small fee but that’s the price you pay for access to jobs. Check out Freelancer, Elance, O-desk and People Per Hour.

Catering or Baking


For all the mothers out there who love cooking there’s probably an equal handful who don’t.
People will pay for home-cooked meals as much as $70 a week for a portion for one. If you don’t want such a big commitment, you can focus on baking for special events. Considering Australia’s multi-cultural population, specialising in a local favourite may be a good idea. Kuih kapit biscuits during Chinese New Year are always a hit.

Direct Selling

I know what you’re thinking. But if a company has been around for so many years, there’s got to be a reason for it. I know many mothers who are raking it in with Thermomixers, Tupperware, Amway and Nutrimetics schemes. If you’ve got the skill why not use it. At the very least you will get some decent products for cheap.

Sell Hand-Made Craft

Few countries value the craftsperson like Australia. If you can offer anything handmade (baby clothes, jewellery, bags, home decor) you’ll find plenty of opportunities to sell your ware.
Set up shop online via Facebook or on your own website; or take advantage of online spaces like Etsy. If you prefer to go traditional, there are always plenty of weekend fairs and baby markets around.

Sell Your Old Baby Stuff

If there’s one thing you accumulate when you become a mum it’s baby equipment. You can make a bunch of money just by selling the stuff at markets or online. One mum I know made $400 selling regular gear (Target and such) at a local market for $5 a table. If you have more branded stuff to sell like Country Road or Peg Perego, you might want to try a baby market or eBay. Baby market costs can be about $40 a table but you will reach a more discerning customer.

Rent Out a Room

Rent a room

Got an extra room or granny flat? Rental is regular income and you don’t have to do very much.
Suitable if you live near a school , university or other prime location. If you’re after a student, you can advertise for Shared Accommodation on college notice boards. If you get along well with your tenant you may even end up with a handy babysitter.

Be a Face Painter

I’m throwing this in because it sounds like fun. Technically you don’t need any qualifications, just an artistic eye and the basic kit. It might be a good idea, however, to take some classes just to make sure you know your stuff. It’s not really a work from home job but it’s something you could do on the weekend at a market, or get gigs at parties.

Virtual Call Centre Job

If your husband works the weekday shift, you can always do the weekend. A virtual call centre job allows you to work from home and on certain shifts as you may deal with countries in other time zones. If you’re flexible and diligent enough, it can be as financially rewarding as any office job. They require good communication skills, and experience in hospitality, retail or telemarketing is a plus.

Deliver Catalogues

It doesn’t pay much but people still do it. If you’re looking for some pocket money and don’t mind menial labour, it may be just the thing. Pay amounts to about $5-$8 an hour, including the two-hours of folding you have to do. A mum I know did it for a while and even got her kids to help out. There are families who do it 20 hours a week and earn $200.

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