Top Money saving Tips

Budgeting and cutting costs amidst the constant demand of work and social engagements is becoming increasingly more difficult. There are however, vast networks of options to replace those already existent expenses. Items and services that place emphasis on reducing cost for consumers are readily available and can provide great opportunities to shift those everyday expenses to be more cost effective. SurveyCompare shopped around for some great money saving recommendations and tips for alleviating those common costs.

1- Change your Mobile Phone provider

Mobile phones have become a fact of life, with limitless contracts, handsets, plans, payments and options. Switching to budget providers such as Yatango Mobile, Amaysim, Telechoice and the Aldi Mobile will see a marked reduction in costs. Yatango also offers a unique tailoring system in the form of an easy to read online interface, to allow users to tweak their service to their own needs and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

2- Find a Budget Friendly Internet Service Provider

As a result of the Telstra monopoly on Internet provision (almost 50% of the country) Australia sees some of the highest transit pricing in the world, almost 20 times higher than the global average. Dedicate some time and shop around for a good deal from smaller service providers such as Skymesh. They boast no lock in contracts, no setup or connection fees and the option to bring your own router. Boasting fast 100mb/s connection speed through NBN, Skymesh also offers a 30 trial period to help determine the right service for individual customers.

3- Attend Free Events

State and Council organised events take place constantly in cities throughout Australia, with a large proportion of these being free and family orientated. Reduce spending during leisure time by attending free events on local and state government websites. The Victorian Government boasts an array of over 70 different mobile apps, promoting a variety of information and activities to be enjoyed, with many events being free to attend.

4- Make a Comprehensive Budget

Creating a comprehensive budget is often the best decision a person can make when attempting to cut down on spending. Using an Excel spread sheet create a table that includes groceries, rent/mortgage, transport, insurance, utilities and any other costs to reduce the risk of overspending.

5- Go for discount Pharmacies

Discount pharmacies such as Chemist Warehouse offer services designed at reducing cost for everyday healthcare products. Also try making the most of online pharmacies and chemists such as, offering services tailored towards the lowest prices, delivered to your door.

6- Switch to LED Lights

Although LED lights cost a little bit more when purchasing, the longevity and energy efficiency earns itself back. LED lights can get up to 50,000 hours of working time and are even more environmentally friendly than previous long life fluorescent bulbs.

7- Be Practical with Gym Memberships

Many gyms offer what appear to be great deals for members who lock into long-term contracts, with unrealistic expectations for how often you may visit and allowing little flexibility to cancel or move contracts. Check out to find deals on month-by-month and lock in free contracts to avoid losing money if things don’t work out.

8- Be Energy Efficient

Products such as WELS water saving systems are a great way to save on utilities with water saving showerheads and taps. Studies conducted by the Australian Government revealed WELS water saving showerheads to be the most cost effective step to take when reducing water bills, indicating a 47 per cent reduction on gas hot water costs. For more comprehensive information visit the Australian Government website on water efficiency.

9- Identify and Change One Spending Habit

Whether it’s eating in restaurants during lunch break or daily trips to the café for a costly coffee, changing a daily habit can see big savings. Pack a lunch for work or University and stick to making food and drink at home. The few dollars a day in savings can add up over time.

10- Make the Most of Online Offers

There are numerous online voucher and discount sites out there such as, and All of these sites offer a variety of discounts and vouchers for a wide range of goods and services and are legitimate operations you can trust. Paid survey sites are also a great extra earner, check out SurveyCompare’s Top Survey Panels for some of the most popular sites and start earning today.