20 ways to work from home without too much effort

Are you willing to earn extra money on the side but not sure how to proceed? Here are 20 ways to get you started.

1. Article Writing

If you have a real talent for writing, this can be a wonderful way of earning a second income. Article writing can be extremely varied and interesting and generally no previous experience is necessary. A quick online test will tell potential employers if you are capable of this type of work. Again, be careful of scams and make sure you know exactly how you will be rewarded for this work, e.g. PayPal. Some places to start with:

2. Data Entry

There is a lot of money to be made through data entry, but initially it's better to find this type of work through an employment agency rather than anything advertised online as it can be difficult to find genuine sites that pay the going rate. Freelancer is one of the most trusted resources for the data entry jobs.

3. Reviewing Products on Your Own Website

This type of money making enterprise has become incredibly popular in recent years due to the lack of effort involved once set up. The way you earn from this is by providing a link within the item you are reviewing that will take the customer to the site where they can buy the product. This is a wonderful way to earn, making you money even while you sleep.

4. Website for Selling Purposes

Just suppose you have a great product idea but have never really known how to get it off the ground. Starting your own website and advertising this product could set you up for life. If you're not sure how to go about this, there is plenty of help available online and once your website is set up, it's incredibly easy to maintain.

5. Online Surveys

Becoming increasingly popular, not only across Australia but also the rest of the modern world, is participating in online surveys. These won't make you super rich, but are a terrific way to boost your income without having to use too much brain power. Besides, they can easily be completed whilst still keeping one eye on what the children are doing. A quick online review search should help you weed out the genuine sites from those that are a waste of time.

6. Product Testing

There are many reputable sites around that will ask you to test their product, paying you for your time and often allowing you to keep the item in question when the test has been completed. However, it's advisable to first find out if it is strictly cash you will be paid as some sites may offer vouchers instead of money.

7. Proof Reading

Although difficult to get a foot in the door in the beginning, this type of work can be highly rewarding. The vast majority of us love reading, so why not get paid for it? You won't be able to pick and choose what you read, but there are certainly worse ways to make some extra cash.

8. Browser Installation

Not a lot of people are aware of this simple money making scheme, but there are many companies out there who will offer you cash to install a browser add-on to your home computer for market research purposes. Not a massive earner, but why not be paid to browse, while you undertake other, higher earning internet based jobs?

9. Agony Aunt

Some people dream of this type of work and would thrive on the challenges it brings. Again, thanks to the internet, this can now be more than a pipe dream. It may take a bit of time and effort to get up and running, not to mention a lot of research in order to attract clients, but once set up, this could have a massive earning potential for you.

10. Be an Affiliate

This may seem a little daunting, but in actual fact, it couldn't be simpler. In the most basic of terms, what you are doing is assisting a company with advertising their product. This, in turn, creates a win-win situation for both. Your chosen company get someone to take on the job of advertising for them for free, and you get paid every time someone clicks on your advertisement. You will need to set up a lot of ads in order to make it worth your while, but you may get incredibly lucky with the perfect ad placed at the perfect time. The more you experiment with this type of enterprise, the more you will learn about how best to make money from it. Read up on ClickBank.

11. Child Minding

The obvious choice for parents already at home and looking after their own children, qualified child minders are extremely well paid, so even if you are unqualified, there is the potential to make a tidy sum of money. However, do make sure you look into the legalities involved when caring for other people's children.

12. Pet Watching

This is a relatively new enterprise as more and more people across the country are now beginning to consider their pets to be a part of the family. No longer does the responsible pet owner want their little spaniel, rabbit or budgie left at home all day to fend for themselves whilst they, themselves, are out at work, so if you love animals and have the space, this could be an ideal way for you to make some extra money.

13. Dog Walking

Although not strictly a home based job, you would set up your dog walking business from home. Many people do not have the time or the energy to give their dogs the amount of exercise they need, especially the elderly, so dog walkers can often earn a tidy sum.

14. Ironing

Love it or loathe it, someone has to do the ironing, and this type of enterprise is becoming really popular. There are now more single people leading busier lives than ever before and they simply do not have the time for such tasks. Why not advertise your services?

15. Language Tutor

Do you speak a foreign language? Due to the high cost of attending night classes, people all across Australia are crying out to learn a foreign language at a reasonable fee. It may be that you are fluent in a second language but are not sure how to go about tutoring someone. If that sounds like you, you should be able to find some excellent tips and guidance online.

16. Other Tutoring

Children, and even some adults, are often in desperate need of extra tuition in English, arithmetic, history, etc. If this is something you excel in, then assisting kids through exams with extra tuition could be a job that is not only enjoyable and rewarding, but lucrative too.

17. Clothing Repairs & Sewing

Another one of those necessary little tasks that people simply don't have time for in this modern age. A decent seamstress can make good money and with a little help in the advertising department, you could be inundated with work.

18. Crafts

Are you good at making things but don't know how to market your product? Obviously, the internet is by far the best way to advertise, however there are other options. An increasing number of people with time to spare during the week make their product (this can be anything from fridge magnets to furniture, and all things in between) then take the finished items along to the nearest car boot sale or village market at the weekend. This is a great way to keep busy at home during the week, with the prospect of some fresh air and hard cash at the weekend.

19. Baking or Cooking

If baking cakes, or cooking some wonderful speciality dish you have perfected over the years sounds like your kind of thing, then why not earn money doing it? Australians love their food and will pay a respectable amount of money for food they enjoy. You could make this enterprise as large or as small as you wish, and even supply some local shops if your treats prove popular.

20. Hosting Product Parties

Why not host your own product selling party from the comfort of your own home. This could be clothing, Tupperware, make up, etc. Or for the men, home brewing kits or gardens tools. The list of party plan products is endless and some companies will pay you a good commission for hosting these parties, depending on your selling abilities.

A final thought

There are many jobs advertised which claim you will be paid for stuffing envelopes for posting, however whether you find this information online or elsewhere, always make sure that the company in question is genuine and you are fully aware of how much you will be paid. It's often a lot of work for very little pay, but there are some decent sites around that will pay above the usual going rate. Worth checking out.